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Fast turn arounds and Transparent Pricing – Lendmax operates with the objective to serve our broker community with easy to sell competitive pricing. Learn how you can make more, with Lendmax!

Ontario wide funding means no geographical restrictions. From large urban cities to smaller population towns. At Lendmax we understand the broker doesn’t pick and choose the deal, anything on the table must fund and our concept of common sense lending applies to every deal we do. Cookie cutter or harder to fund, we have a solution for every request. Lendmax uses its network of investors to leverage quick access to capital of any size from all over Canada.

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Our executive team has 30+ combined real estate and mortgage lending experience, so we understand the flexibilities required in pro-active brokering service and the urge to do the best for your client. It’s what sets us apart from the banks!

Lendmax strives to offer:

  • Low Rates and Transparent Fees
  • Dedicated Deal Support
  • 2 hour turn around and Instant Commitments
  • Efficient Online Submission and Funding
  • Trailer Commissions
  • No Surprise Approvals

With private money circulating around, you need a lending partner that will set you apart from others. Pricing and terms that make sense, reconnect you with the client at maturity and always put the broker relation first. Equity lending with the common sense approach that helps you fund more.

Commonsense Lending

Equity lending has changed over time crowded with fraud, risk and market speculation.

Lendmax uses its exposure in the real estate and financing industry to deliver competitive and transparent pricing by addressing these flags, resulting in faster efficient approvals

    • Serviceability – Affordability doesn’t always show on paper, Our Simple Approach is: Will the short term help your client in the long term
    • Property Valuation –  We understand appraisals don’t always come back on point, we look for potential appreciation.
    • Credit Worthiness – we look past the beacon score and don’t penalize a low score with additional premiums



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