A mortgage broker talks to lenders on your behalf to find the lowest mortgage rates. Because different lenders have different criteria, terms, and conditions, the mortgage broker meets with you to discuss your situation and makes a profile to bring to lenders they believe will provide a mortgage loan. If the lender likes the profile, they submit proposals to the broker, who then talks with you so you can choose the mortgage that suits you best.

The mortgage broker works for you. You initiate the process and you are the one who will decide which offer to accept. You don’t have to pay the broker for their service, as they are paid by the lender when you choose your mortgage.

Lendmax has an excellent reputation and access to dozens of lenders, many who provide several different types of mortgages. Our team members are experts in the industry and have considerable skill in finding the best possible deal for their client, and the lenders know this. Our team’s expertise helps you find the best rates.

Lendmax has different qualification criteria than banks do. This means that we often approve those who have been turned down by their bank for not meeting their strict rules.

Yes! We understand the difficulties that small business owners have qualifying for a mortgage, even at the bank they deal with regularly. Many of our lenders are quite happy to offer hard working entrepreneurs a mortgage with a great rate and very reasonable terms.

Just give us a call! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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