#1 Best In Class Features

Credit Verify offers its monthly premium members more features than any other competing service. We don’t cut corners like others. With us, you get your personal financial information, education on what it means, ways to improve or fix negative items, and ongoing robust protection.

Credit Disputes and Error Corrections

Get information on how to dispute errors or possible fraud on your credit report. Many people have at least 1 error on their credit report. Even that 1 error can lead to a lower score and prevent you from qualifying for a loan, credit card, auto purchase, etc.

Instantly Access Your Credit Score And Report Online

It only takes a few minutes to register and get instant access to your credit score and report online, plus additional features on top of that. Stop procrastinating and take action on learning where you stand and how to improve your financial situation.A large percentage of personal credit reports contain errors. Vesfy that yours is correct today.

Monthly $25 Value Reward

You'll receive $25 in Reward Dollars EACH month you're a Credit Verify Premium member. Use your rewards however you'd like. Save on popular brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Nike, Lacoste, or Under Armour. Get access to great local deals at the salon, dry-cleaning, car washes, movie tickets or golfing. Or you can save at popular restaurants like TGI Friday's. Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Subway, and thousands more.

Daily Credit Monitoring

Identity Theft is more serious than you would think. On the rise in recent years, it is considered to be the top concern associated with the use of mobile devices and the internet.

  • Identity Monitoring: we monitor the Deep and Dark web and alert you whenever your personal information is compromised.
  • Stop Fraud before it starts: checking your credit report is an effective way to help you detect identity theft and fraud.
  • Use our friendly Dispute forms to flag and correct fraudulent items.
  • Our Educational Library provides guides and resources that will help you recover from identity fraud and ID

Real-Time Credit Score Simulator

Don't be fooled by all the other credit score calculators, models, and simulators that are put together by some random person's calculation. At Credit Verify, we've directly collaborated and integrated with the Credit Bureau. For that reason, our simulator displays what WILL happen if you take certain actions, versus what could happen according to that one person's random best guess calculation.

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